You Rock My World

Reviews of "You Rock My World"!

Arvell Poe

I heard "You Rock My World" today. I'm an on-air personality for 95.5 The BEAT (WBTS) in Atlanta and our Morning Show played it. It sounds very nice. It's more R&B than his last outting. I can see myself jammin' once I hear it more and more.

Jennifer Highsmith

I also heard the single "You Rock My World" about an hour ago. He seems like he's kept up with the latest R&B styles - I enjoyed it. ESPECIALLY the skit with he and Chris Tucker at the beginning. Hard to imagine Michael competing for a girl though......


My son called me at work and put the radio up to the phone so I could hear the far so good!


I heard it about a week ago on this site: It's kind of cathcy, however, I think I was expecting something with a little more umph. The only problem I have with MJ is that, instead of allowing someone to produce him, he feels compelled to be overly involved to the point were the track becomes watered down. Mike doesn't allow or leave his tracks any breathing room. Too much compression, too many stacked vocals. Okay, let me stop. Because if the truth were told, if he recorded one of my songs, I'd probably let him do that stuff as well. Wow, did I just sell out? Hmmmmmm, let me think on that. $0 vs. $1,000,000 You be the judge

Joe Richardson

I liked the new Mike single "You Rock My World." For those of us that are into music production, it definitely is arranged like a Rodney Jerkins tune, so his production style is evident. Michael is evident too, though, with his voice throughout the track on leads and backgrounds, etc. Like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jerkins does songs that have his accent, but they don't drown out the artist. I like it because it is an R&B cut, it's current, and it doesn't try too hard to be "pop." Go Mike!

The Real Nig*a

Wacko Jacko looks like HELL...bu the song is HOT LIKE FIRE!!!

Vinny Snow

Theres never been a question about MJ's talent or his influence. That white woman is still the ultimate entertainer. I for one will most definately pick up the disc. I will guarantee that it will be one of the best that money can produce.

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