The People's Quotes.

Here is a little disclaimer: Before you read this I have to say that this is NOT directed to MJ Fans. It is directed to the press and the people who believe the press. The others are just funny facts about what MJ fans feel.

One to Watch

by Kevin Hoffman

We made Michael Jackson. Surrounded by filth and sleaze, stuck in a society gone wrong, we all
needed one man to stay pure and keep our innocence alive. THAT MAN WAS MICHAEL
JACKSON. He was the boy we wouldn't let grow up, society's Peter Pan stuck in the
forever-childhood of his Neverland amusement park. Michael Jackson let us all close our eyes to
our own daily sins to imagine a better world... a world without the naked Playboy pictures of Latoya
Jackson, his evil sister, the yin to his yang... the JACKSON FAMILY JUDAS.

We killed Michael Jackson. That's right, ladies and gentleman, WE'RE ALL GUILTY. Once we
created this magical, mythical creature of purity and goodness, we couldn't help but destroy it.
Michael Jackson made us look in the mirror and confront our own ugliness. And yes, we looked in
Michael's mirror... AND IT MADE US SICK! Compared to Michael, we were all hideous,
perverted JERKS! Michael was going to HEAVEN, and that just left HELL for the rest of us! So
what could we do? Overcome with jealousy, and filled with guilt, we had to break Michael's mirror,
and ruin the one pure thing left on earth. It wasn't just that lone kid who accused Michael of child
molestation... IT WAS ALL OF US! We destroyed him. We killed Michael Jackson. MICHAEL
WAS A MARTYR FOR OUR OWN LOST INNOCENCE! We should all be ashamed of

Humorous Frustrations
Hes kinda crazy. I dont know if he wants to finish his new album or play around with kids.

Who Is It?