What was it like those past 20 years?:
Well, its been one weird adventure after another and so crazy too.
Do you consider yourself an Epic hero?:
Well, other people think I am but all I know is that I'm just an average person like everybody else.
How did you manage to get out of these types of situations?:
With my cleverness and with the help of the gods and goddesses.
How are your men right now?:
Sadly and tragically, they all died from, I hate to say this, ignorance.
Do you plan to go on anymore adeventures?:
No, absolutly not because its all just too dangerous and I want to spend my time with my family.
What do you hope becomes of the near future?:
I hope my future will be serene and hopefully I will never go on another adventure.

Victory For An Epic Hero
Odysseus is an Epic hero in this case. Why? Well, lets first trace back to his roots in Ithaca. He was well known for his cleverness, his handsome ways, and his boastfulness. It all started to an invite of The Trojan War. The Greeks battled the Trojans for ten long years. Odysseus had no choice but to go and defend the Greeks and leave behind his wife, Penelope. He then set sail for Troy and the Greeks won with the help of this special man. Little did he know of his adventures when it was time to return home but it wasnt meant to be for getting home was impossible. Once again he set sail but heavy winds casued him to steer to an island called The Island of the Lotus Eaters.

This was more like a trap for Odysseus and his men. The Lotus people treated them with a sweet honey plant, Lotus. The men did not want to return for this substance they were having was too good to pass by. Odysseus showed himself as an Epic hero by talking to his men and convincing them to leave this island. So, they finally went to sea again. They landed on Cyclopes the land of ogres and cannibals. He defeated Polythemus, a brute huge beast. He then traveled to the land of Circe. Circe used her evil powers to transform Odysseus' men into pigs. With the help of Hermes Odysseus had a force against Circe and she then realized that Odysseus was a true man so she turned his crew back to men. After staying there for a year his crew decided to leave but Circe put two curses on them:
The Underworld and the curse of not seeing his homeland Ithaca for many years. Even though Circe was the one to put a curse on Odysseus and his crew she let them know what to expect. He lost some of his best men through this journey to the underworld and he lost the rest of his crew, as Odysseus put it, from ignorance.

Finally, Odysseus was on his way home with the help of a god.
And that's the history of Odysseus' twenty year journey.
Odysseus's Crew Members
Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I have a feeling that my husband has had an affair with another woman. We are together now living peacefully but this feeling inside of me just won't go away. Should I investigate or just leave it at peace? Please help.


Dear Confused,

Instigating on whether your husband had an affair or not will only make matters worse. Don't worry about the past and look towards the future for you will find happiness there. Enjoy life to the fullest, dear.