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New look for the site! [September 29, 2001]

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October 29, 2001::
International Album Release

Michael's new album Invincible will arrive in stores internationally on Monday, October 29.  [Source: Epic Records]

October 30, 2001::
USA & Canada  - Album Release Date

Michael's new album Invincible will arrive in stores in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, October 30.  [Source: Epic Records]



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TM NETWORK Log-on to 21st Century
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Live gallery "SIGHTS" opens!



About our music sales on the Internet new::: Aug.17,2000 :::

TK interview will come out in "PIA" on 8/21! Announces Asia strategy. Keyword is net! ::: Aug.16,2000 :::

Clips of 2nd J-PHONE TOKAI commercial open!
| 15sec ver. | 30sec ver. | ::: Aug.09,2000 :::


Database of TK-related songs!

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This is the latest message from the webmaster, Meca27! Welcome to the newly revised version of Who Is It! With the new album out hopefully there will be more TV appearances and... may I dare say tour? Michael will be out in the front and big as ever. Lets anticipate Michaelmania!


FOCUS on Zoie's 19th birthday!! new ::: Oct.20.2000 :::

Zoie runs around promoting sales of her debut single! new ::: Oct.19.2000 :::

Zoie's Japan debut single "GALAPAGOS no JULIET" goes on sale! Gift giveaway marks the occasion! new ::: Oct.19.2000 :::

Zoie's a magazine cover girl again! new ::: Oct.18.2000 :::

Zoie outs her rollerblade style! new ::: Oct.16.2000 :::

Zoie's time in Japan for her jacket photo shoot! ::: Oct.13.2000 :::

ROJAM.COM to launch official corporation! [update]::: Oct.12.2000 :::

First quad shots in a while! Report on interview of 4 ::: Sep.30.2000 :::

Hong Kong magazine interviews Celina for feature story! ::: Sep.29,2000 :::

Report on Zoie magazine interview in crazy Japan-Hong Kong schedule ::: Sep.28,2000 :::

Song download details! ::: Sep.20,2000 :::

SPECIAL INFORMATION tie-up with TM NETWORK TV special! ::: Sep.15,2000 :::

Zoie and Celina sing their all on stage at NOKIA UNPLUGGED CONCERT! ::: Sep.13,2000 :::

Report on rehearsal for NOKIA UNPLUGGED CONCERT! ::: Sep.05,2000 :::

Zoie's third trip to Japan. Photo report on 2.5 day marathon of magazine interviews! ::: Aug.28,2000 :::


on the globe on the globe

globe=earth. Experience the science of cool depicted by nature's essential elements.


Get glam with Amuro in this hip site full of songs, album shots, movies & style.

ami suzuki ami suzuki

Tons of fun with Ami Suzuki! Video clips, likes & dislikes, her music. It's all here.

komuro.org komuro.org

Special contents & independent sites run by TK's buddies Naoto Kine & Cozy Kubo. [JP ONLY]

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