Power Play Music
Power Play Music

These are the songs that I call Power Play Music. The reason why
is because they have a fun edgy dance beat to them that gets to
your soul. Some are romantic, some have that gospel "go to church!"
feeling, and some are funky crazy nice. Enjoy!

There Before The Grace of God I Go
Machine - This group came out with this funky disco track that
talks about a girl who is sheltered all her life. Her parents
protected her and oppressed some of the things she liked so
much that she ended up rebelling as a teen and her mom becomes
heart broken and angry. Fiery song!
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You Put a Move On My Heart
Tamia - Quincy Jones most recent talent on his label. Tamia
provides the sultry voice with all the power moves while
she sings on how her guy made her feel like the best girl
in the world. This song was also co written by one of the
best all time romantic melody makers Rod Temperton (who
also wrote Michael Jackson's Lady In My Life).
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Shackles Off My Feet
Mary Mary - A gospel feeling song that traces their roots in
saying "Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I
just wanna praise you". Its a great dance song to get
you moving!
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I Want To Thank You
Alicia Meyers - Another gospel feeling song that oozes the
great jazz rhythms and funkdafyed soul.
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Alicia Keys - Yes, another Alicia in the house! This, in my
personal opinion, is her best song of her latest album. The
words come through real and true and touches the strings of the
heart in A minor! :-D Enjoy this soulful, hip-hop relevance.
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Sexy Dancer
Prince - Call me crazy but this is one of Prince's best songs.
It is downright funky though simplistic. This song came out in 1978
and was a major club hit among the best of dancers. Also note that
Prince plays every instument for his songs.
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Blackstreet - One of their best slow jams. The heartfelt vocals
grab your attention and the echo produces a great effect to the song.
Well worth a listen!
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Fight to Survive
Stan Bush - This was the theme to the Bloodsport movie.
Yeah, you must be thinking I have lost my mind but its so
inspiring, no? One of the best movie soundtracks!
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