The quickest and most flexible tool we have to inform you of what's going on in the life of Michael Jackson is the InfoLine.When you dial the InfoLine, you will be given a choice of options. This means that you can choose which information you would like to hear - and pay for ! The InfoLine is updated by us very late Sunday evenings. We always record the date of our messages, so you know the bulletin is NEW.

The News Bulletins also have their own menu. This means, you have an idea of the main subjects to be announced beforehand and can decide at this point if you want to hear more. If not, hang up. It won't cost you very much to listen to this short bulletin. If the Bulletins include topics you want to know about, continue listening. The HOTTEST news is always recorded first, e.g. visits, TV specials, tickets, awards, etc.

During periods of high activity, bulletins are recorded more than once a week. For example, they were almost daily during the BRIT visit. Again, by checking out the short menu announcement, you will know if an EXTRA announcement has been recorded.

In UK and Nothern Ireland, dial :

0891 299822