The Common Link
The Common Link: Cover Songs

What do all these groups have in common? They all covered songs from each
other, Michael Jackson style! The first Real Audio
link shows you the cover songs mushed together to show you the similarity
while we also provide you with separate clips of each song. Enjoy!

The Common Link: Enya, Fugees, & Jackson 5
Fugees seemed to have asked Motown for permission but
failed to give credit to Enya for her song "Boadicea".
We all need a musical reminder every now and then right?
Real Audio Clips: *Original MJJ* Ready or Not (Here I Come)
       Enya - Boadicea
       Fugees - Ready or Not

The Common Link: 98 Degrees, Michael Jackson, & Ginuwine
The young generation decided on a little cover deal.
The result is: She's Out of My Life.
Real Audio Clips: *Original MJJ* She's Out of My Life
       98 Degrees - She's Out of My Life
       Ginuwine - She's Out of My Life

The Common Link: Michael Jackson & Blackstreet
Who knew Teddy Riley would cover this classic jam?
We all know though that nobody can top Michael's version though.
Enjoy! Real Audio Clips: *Original MJJ* Billie Jean
       Blackstreet - Billie Jean (Remix)
       Blackstreet - No Diggity

The Common Link: SWV & Michael Jackson
No need to mush the songs together since this remix
is a fine interpreation on one of MJ's classics!
Real Audio Clips: *Original MJJ* Michael Jackson - Human Nature
       SWV - Right Here (Human Nature)

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