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Brandy Norwood
Singer and a co-producer
Sometime in Feb.
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Brandy Internetional Fan Club Brand-Nu Inc.
PO Box 11444
Carson, CA 90749

note A Little Bit About Brandy
Born in Mississippi but moved to Southern California early, she's the a daughter of a minister father and a financial analyst mother. Her parents have been very supportive in her career and helps her to push forward.

Brandy has been singing since childhood together with her parents in their local church. Her first musical influence was her father, who is a good vocalist too. She used to study him and thereby improve on her own vocal skills. A major change in her life came about when Whitney Houston entered the world of R&B. During the following years she watched Whitney and one day she told her dad:'Daddy, Daddy I sing like her a little bit. I want to go out and be a singer like her'. So, to put it in simpler terms, they where the sparks that sealed her motivation: her father's inspiration and Whitney Houston's influence.

"I started going out and doing a lot of talent shows and stuff like that and eventually I ran into a producer. He started shopping me around in L.A., when I was 11 to different record companies and at the age of 14 I came to Atlantic Records and that's where I got my record deal".

She was signed by Darryl Williams, Artist and Repertoire executive of Atlantic Records. The label which established legends like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown and today works with black artists like gold success MC Lyte, the double platinam success All-4-One and Changing Faces with gold-album status. And Brandy is to be the next mega-success to follow.
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And, did you know that Brandy in just one year won 5 Soul Train Awards? Impressive. No?

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