Michael Jackson

               The Magic and the Madness

                    by J. Randy Taraborrelli

Mr. Taraborrelli has done it once again.  His book The Magic and the Madness shows the equally true side of Mr. Jackson.  Some people complained about the so called "fiction" it possesses, while others have looked at it from a different point of view.  What is good about this book is the fact that it just don't favor one side.  He shows the good, the bad, and ugly of show business and the Jackson family.  He not only talks about the human nature of Michael Jackson but he also tells the story and encounters of the other members and friends.  Whatever you think of Michael Jackson at the moment, read this book and it will change your mind and your misunderstanding of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. 

This book captures the element of a family keeping together and not losing all hope while in the bliss and midst of show biz.  His research (the author) was well done and he surely did his homework.  So don't judge this book by it's cover, don't believe all the hype of the media, and clear your mind about anything you ever knew of him (Michael Jackson) before reading this.  I would suggest Michael Jackson's book Moonwalker to be apart of this lovely bunch of books but I wont for Michael sugar coats the stories and only gives the top layering of the the truth and credit to these stories.  As for this book... its the real deal.

This book is available in Paperback and Hardcover U.S. Edition.



                     Michael Jackson

                In His Own Words

                by Catherine Dineen

This is a complete book listing all of his famous quotes known around the world.  The book covers quotes from Michael's early childhood to his present day as an adult.  Some are revealing and show his testimony of his true reflections on life and health.  Not only does the book covers Michael's quotes but they cover the rest of the Jackson family quotes which include Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, Jackie, and many more.  Even the most famous celebrities have their quotes on Michael Jackson.  This book is very well rounded out and an excellent source of information from the man himself through his quotes.


                Michael Jackson

               The Visual Documentary

                    by Adrian Grant

The Michael Jackson: The Visual Documentary is the most comprehensive book ever published on the King of Pop. Michael Jackson himself has recommended this book - mentioning it in the sleeve notes of his HIStory Past, Present and Future Book 1 album. Covering from the birth of Michael Jackson upon to the present day, the book provides a complete record of Michael Jackson's moves, grooves, music, albums, family, history, and more. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the book also details Jackson's records, concerts, videos, awards, interviews, quotes, public appearances, his family, fascinating memorabilia and details of rare Michael Jackson records, and much more. From Steeltown to Motown, from the Jackson 5 to his solo career, from The Wiz to Thriller, he's been Bad, Smooth and Dangerous and even Blood On The Dance Floor. He's made captivating videos, with exciting dance moves, played spectacular concerts and filled the world's largest arenas across the world. He has been performing since the age of five, breaking records since he was 11 and a star without equal since 21. He has been such a great influence on music history over the past 30 years and with this book, you can be part of his journey from birth to present (full with dated details). Though never far from the media spotlight, Michael Jackson remains an enigma. The Michael Jackson: The Visual Documentary presents all the facts about Michael as never before -- everything you need to know about world's most famous celebrity is in this one book. The book contains over 200 pages, over 280 photos, promo pictures, rare pictures, complete discography, singles information, family tree information, and much more. The complete history of Michael Jackson.

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